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 All MaNGOS Gm Command List

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PostSubject: All MaNGOS Gm Command List   Sat Jun 05, 2010 10:18 pm

All the gm commands for a MaNGOS private server are down here,enjoy:) lol!

Syntax: Checks Your Account Gm Level.

Syntax: Shows All The Availble Commands You May Use.

Syntax: Dismounts You From Your Mount.
NOTE* Must Be On A Munt To Work.

Syntax: Shows Gm's Online

.help [Command]
Syntax: Shows Help for the selected Command.

Syntax: Saves Character.

Syntax: Teleports To Where Your Hearthstone Is Set.

.announce [message]
Syntax: Broadcast a System Wide Message Viewed By All Players.

Syntax: Turn Gm Visibilty Off. Players And Mobs Can Now Attack You.

Syntax: Turn Gm Visibilty On. Players And Mobs Cant Attack You.
You Are Now Visible In .Gmlist

.goname [Char Name]
Syntax: Teleport Staright To The Selected Player.

.namego [Char Name]
Syntax: Teleport The Selected Player To You.

Syntax: Display the position information for a selected character or creature.
Position information includes X, Y, Z, and orientation, map Id and zone Id

.learnsk [Skill ID]
Syntax: Learns a skill for the selected player ingame.

.lookuptele [Location]
Syntax: Looks up the coordinates for the location selected.

.modify [Hp|Energy|Mana|Rage]
Syntax: Modify the selected players Hp, Energy, Mana, Rage.

.modify [Speed|Swim|Scale|
Syntax: Modify speed and swim rate from scale 0-10.
Modify Scale (Size) For Selected player from scale 0.01-3.

.money [# Amount]
Syntax: Give Money In Copper To Selected Player

Syntax: Teleport Playername or selected player to the place where he has been before last use of a teleportation command.
If no Playername is entered and no player is selected, it will teleport you.

Syntax: Saves All Players In Game

.Visible [0 or 1]
Syntax: Output current visibility state or make GM visible(1) and invisible(0) for other players.

.addmove [#creature_guid] {#waittime}
Syntax: Add your current location as a waypoint for creature with guid #creature_guid. And optional add wait time.

.addspw [Creature I.D]
Syntax: Spawns Creature To The Location You Are Standing.

.changelevel [0-73]
Syntax: Changes level of Selected Mob Or NPC.

Syntax: Delete Selected Creature From World

Syntax: Delete gameobject with gameobject guid.

Syntax: .delticket [all]
.delticket [#num]
.delticket [character name]
[all] to delete all tickets at server, [character name] to delete ticket of this character, [#num] to delete ticket [#num].

Syntax: Demorph Selected Player

Syntax: Change the model id of the selected creature to

Syntax: Teleport your character to creature with guid

.kick [Char Name]
Syntax: Kick Char name of the server.

.pinfo [Char Name]
Syntax: Get Info on char's Account

Syntax: Teleports You To Programmer Island

.spawndist #dist
Syntax: Adjust spawndistance of selected creature to dist.

Syntax: Locate the nearst game object.

.ticket [on|off]
Syntax: [on] Show new tickets, [off] Dont show new tickets.

.addgo [Game Object #I.D]
Syntax. Add a game object from game object templates to the world at your current location using the #I.D.

.additem [Item #I.D] [#amount]
Syntax: Add a item from items template to your bag or selected players bag. Also Add Amount #

.additemset [#itemsetid]
Syntax: Add items from itemset of id #itemsetid to your or selected character inventory.
Will add by one example each item from itemset.

Syntax: Enable or Disable Movement For Each Creature

Syntax: Show your bank

.banaccount [Account Name]
Syntax: Ban account name (can be viewed by players by using the .pinfo command) and kick affected players currently logged in.

.banip [#ip]
Syntax: Bans logging into the server from computers with the provided IP address, and kicks all affected players.

.createguild [Guild Name] [Guild Leader Char Name]
Syntax: Create a guild named Guild Name with the player Guild Leader Char Name as leader. ~

Syntax: Cancels Shutdown

Syntax: Does What it Says.

.gameobject [#I.D]
Syntax: Add a game object from game object templates to the world at your current position using the [#I.D]

.go [#position_x #position_y #position_z #mapid]
Syntax: Teleport to the given coordinates on the specified map.

Syntax: Hover Your Character

.idleshutdown [#delay|cancel]
Syntax: Shut the server down after #delay seconds if no active connections are present (no players) or cancel the shutdown if cancel value is used.

Syntax: .learn all
.learn all_myclass
.learn all_lang
All learns all spells for gm's, all_myclass learns all spells for your class, all_lang learns all languages.

.levelup [1-69]
Syntax: Level Up Your Char With Selected #. To Down levels: .levelup -#

.lookupcreature [name of creature]
Syntax: Looks up a creature by nameofcreature, and returns all matches with their creature ID's.

.lookupitem [item name]
Syntax: Looks up an item by Item name, and returns all matches with their Item ID's.

.lookupobject [object name]
Syntax: Looks up an gameobject by object name, and returns all matches with their Gameobject ID's.

.lookupskill [name]
Syntax: Looks up a skill by name, and returns all matches with their skill ID's.

.lookupspell name
Syntax: Looks up a spell by name, and returns all matches with their spell ID's.

Syntax: Max's All Skills You Have Learned.

.morph [#display I.D]
Syntax: Change your current model id to #display I.D.

Syntax: Respawns All Dead And Alive NPC's, Mobs

Syntax: Revives Selected Player (Brings Back to Life)

.shutdown #seconds
Syntax: Shutdown server

.Security [Player name] [#level]
Syntax: Set the security level of player Player name to a level of #level.
#level may range from 0 to 4.

.wchange [#weathertype] [#status]
Syntax: Set current weather to #weathertype with an intensity of #status.
#weathertype can be 1 for rain, 2 for snow, and 3 for sand. #status can be 0 for disabled, and 1 for enabled.

.flymode [on|off]
Syntax: Lets You fly In mid air, to enable type on or to disable type off.

[ASCENT] Server
Within the databse used for Ascent servers, you will find a table called "accounts". this table is normally located under your character databse, but could be in your world if only using a single database. Within the accounts table, there is a field that says GM. the following codes show which letter needs to be present for the function to work. Apparently putting "az" (without quatation marks) is the equivalent to a-z, therefore enabling all commands valid on that account.

Banstick Commands [b]
banchar: Bans character x with or without reason
This command is confirmed to work. Givign a reason seems pointless because the other player does not see the reason. Possibly useful in GM tickets or for GM's to see?

unbanchar: Unbans character x
Confirmed to work.

kick: Kicks player from server, with or without reason
confirmed to work. Takes 5 seconds.

paralyze: Roots/Paralyzes the target.
confirmed to work. Player can twist, sit, withdrawl weapon, and talk. No jumping or moving. Dueling is allowed but player can not move, but can attack back.

unparalyze: Unroots/Unparalyzes the target.
confirmed to work.

Chat Control [c]
allowwhispers: Allows whispers from player <s> while in gmon mode.
blockwhispers: Blocks whispers from player <s> while in gmon mode.

Debug Commands [d]
debug: Main ‘debug’ command table. Usage: .debug <subcommand> <args>
infront: No description entered.
showreact: This seems to send a specified reaction to a character or player. Just need to find react #'s.
aimove: brings selected creature/npc to player.
dist: reveals current distance between player and selected object.
face: function unknown at this time.
moveinfo: Displays information on selected creature, such as is it attacking, what it's facing, and other info.
setbytes: Set fields 1-4 to X X X X. Not sure what differnce things make at the moment.
getbytes: Get bytes for fiels 1-4 in numbers such as X X X X
unroot: confirmed to work, no idea for reason.
root: confirmed to work, no idea for reason.
landwalk: reason unknown.
waterwalk: Allows you to walk on water.
castspell: .castspell <spellid> - Casts spell on target.
castspellne: .castspellne - Casts spell on target (only plays animations, doesnt handle effects or range/facing/etc. Also doesn't play all animations.
celldelete: USE WITH CAUTION! '.celldelete YES' - Removes everything in current cell from game and database. '.celldelete YES YES' removes everything in a range of 1cell.
addrestxp: .addrestxp - Adds x rest XP to player.
generatename: .generatename - Generates name for pet, etc.
attackerinfo: .attackerinfo - Shows selected mob/player's attacker's infomation.
showattackers: .showattackers - Shows selected mob/player's attacker on the minimap.
aggrorange: .aggrorange - Shows aggro Range of the selected Creature.
knockback : .knockback <value> - Knocks you back.
fade : .fade <value> - calls ModThreatModifyer().
threatMod : .threatMod <value> - calls ModGeneratedThreatModifyer().
calcThreat : .calcThreat <dmg> <spellId> - calculates threat.
threatList : .threatList - returns all AI_Targets of the selected Creature.
gettptime: grabs transporter travel time
itempushresult: sends item push result
weather: used ton control weather. ie .debug weather 2 90 to make it rain hard. playing with all #'s
haha 8 10 is snow!

setbit: afraid to test at the moment.
setvalue: afraid to test at the moment.
getpos: Seems to have no function.

Battlegrounds Commands [e]
battleground: Main BG command table. Usage: .battleground <subcommand> <args>
setbgscore: <Teamid> <Score> - Sets battleground score. 2 Arguments.
startbg: Starts current battleground match.
pausebg: Pauses current battleground match.
bginfo: Displays information about current battleground.
battleground: Shows BG Menu
setworldstate: <var> <val> - Var can be in hex. WS Value.
playsound: <val>. Val can be in hex.
setbfstatus: .setbfstatus – Not Yet Implemented.
leave: Leaves the current battleground.

Extended Debug Commands? [f]
killbyplayer: Disconnects the player with name <s>.
killbyaccount: Disconnects the session with account name <s>.
getrate: Gets rate <x>. ?
setrate: Sets rate <x>. ?

GM Ticket Commands [g]
gmTicket: Main GM ticket system command table. Usage: .gmTicket <subcommand> <args>
get: Gets GM Ticket
getId: Gets GM Ticket by ID
delId: Deletes GM Ticket by ID

Invincibility Command [j]
invincible: .invincible - Toggles INVINCIBILITY (mobs won't attack you)

Invisibility Command [i]
invisible: .invisible - Toggles INVINCIBILITY and INVISIBILITY (mobs won't attack you and nobody can see you, but they can see your chat messages)

Guild Commands [l]
createguild: No description entered.

Modify commands [m]
modify: Main stat-modification command table. Usage: .modify <subcommand> <args>
hp: Health Points/HP
mana: Mana Points/MP
rage: Rage Points
energy: Energy Points
armor: Armor
holy: Holy Resistance
fire: Fire Resistance
nature: Nature Resistance
frost: Frost Resistance
shadow: Shadow Resistance
arcane: Arcane Resistance
damage: Unit Damage Min/Max
scale: Size/Scale
gold: Gold/Money/Copper
speed: Movement Speed
nativedisplayid: Native Display ID
displayid: Display ID
flags: Unit Flags:
faction: Faction Template
dynamicflags: Dynamic Flags
talentpoints: Talent Points
loyalty: Loyalty
spirit: Spirit
boundingraidus: Bounding Radius
combatreach: Combat Reach
emotestate: NPC Emote State

More Modify Commands [m]
createaccount: .createaccount - Creates account. Format should be .createaccount username password email
playerinfo: .playerinfo - Displays informations about the selected character (account...)
mount: Mounts into modelid x.
dismount: Dismounts.
start: Teleport's you to a starting location
levelup: No description entered.
additem: No description entered.
removeitem: Removes item %u count %u.
learn: Learns spell
unlearn: Unlearns spell
learnskill: .learnskill <skillid> (optional) <value> <maxvalue> - Learns skill id skillid.
advanceskill: advanceskill <skillid> <amount, optional, default = 1> - Advances skill line x times..
removeskill: .removeskill <skillid> - Removes skill
increaseweaponskill: .increaseweaponskill <count> - Increase eqipped weapon skill x times (defaults to 1).
removeauras: Removes all auras from target
setmotd: Sets MOTD
additemset: Adds item set to inv.
gotrig: Warps to areatrigger <id>
createinstance: Creates instance on map <map>
goinstance: Joins instance <instance> <x> <y> <z> <optional mapid>
exitinstance: Exits current instance, return to entry point.
dbreload: Reloads some of the database tables
spawnspiritguide: Spawns a spirit guide (params: 1 = horde, 0 = alliance)
advanceallskills: Advances all skills <x> points.
unlockmovement: Unlocks movement for player.
modperiod: Changes period of current transporter.
npcfollow: Sets npc to follow you
follow: Sets npc to not follow anything
formationlink1: Sets formation master.
formationlink2: Sets formation slave with distance and angle
formationclear: Removes formation from creature
playall: Plays a sound to the entire server.
addipban: Bans an ip address <address/mask> <duration, 0=perm>
banaccounts: Bans accounts <name> <duration, 0=perm>
renamechar: Renames character x to y.
forcerenamechar: Forces character x to rename his char next login
getstanding: Gets standing of faction %u.
setstanding: Sets standing of faction %u.

Cheat Commands [m]
cheat: Main cheat command table. Usage: .cheat <subcommand> <args>
status: Shows active cheats.
taxi: Enables all taxi nodes.
cooldown: Enables no cooldown cheat.
casttime: Enables no cast time cheat.
power: Disables mana consumption etc.
god: Sets god mode, prevents you from taking damage.
fly: Sets fly mode
land: Unsets fly mode
explore: Reveals the unexplored parts of the map.
flyspeed: Modifies fly speed.
stack: Enables aura stacking cheat.
morph: Morphs into model id x.
demorph: Demorphs from morphed model.

Honor Modification Commands [m]
honor: Main honor system command table. Usage: .honor <subcommand> <args>
getpvprank: Gets PVP Rank
setpvprank: Sets PVP Rank
addpoints: Adds x amount of honor points/currency
addkills: Adds x amount of honor kills
globaldailyupdate: Daily honor field moves
singledailyupdate: Daily honor field moves for selected player only
pvpcredit: Sends PVP credit packet, with specified rank and points

Pet Commands [m]
pet: Main pet command table. Usage: .pet <subcommand> <args>
createpet: Creates a pet with <entry>.
renamepet: Renames a pet to <name>.
enablerename: Enables pet rename.
addspell: Teaches pet <spell>.
removespell: Removes pet spell <spell>.

NPC Commands [n]
npc: Main NPC command table. Usage: .npc <subcommand> <args>
vendoradditem: Adds to vendor
vendorremoveitem: Removes from vendor.
flags: Changes NPC flags
emote: emote - Sets emote state
run: No description entered.
addweapon: No description entered.
allowmove: No description entered.
addgrave: No description entered.
addspirit: No description entered.
faction: No description entered.
delete: Deletes mob from db and world.
info: Displays NPC information
guid: Shows selected object guid
addAgent: .npc addAgent <agent> <procEvent> <procChance> <procCount> <spellId> <spellType> <spelltargetType> <spellCooldown> <floatMisc1> <Misc2>
delAgent: .npc delAgent <procEvent> <spellId>
listAgent: .npc listAgent
reset: resets npc health/dmg from temp table.
export: Exports the npc to a sql file
say: .npc say <text> - Makes selected mob say text <text>.
yell: .npc yell <Text> - Makes selected mob yell text <text>.
come: .npc come - Makes npc move to your position
return: .npc return - Returns ncp to spawnpoint.
spawn: .npc spawn - Spawns npc of entry <id>
spawnlink: .spawnlink sqlentry
resetreputation: .resetreputation - Resets reputation to start levels. (use on characters that were made before reputation fixes.)
resetlevel: .resetlevel - Resets all stats to level 1 of targeted player. DANGEROUS.
resetspells: .resetspells - Resets all spells to starting spells of targeted player. DANGEROUS.
resettalents: .resettalents - Resets all talents of targeted player to that of their current level. DANGEROUS.
resetskills: .resetskills - Resets all skills.

GameObject Commands [o]
gobject: Main gameobject command table. Usage: .gobject <subcommand> <args>
select: Selects the nearest GameObject to you
delete: Deletes selected GameObject
spawn: Spawns a GameObject by ID
info: Gives you informations about selected GO
activate: Activates/Opens the selected GO.
enable: Enables the selected GO for use.
scale: Sets scale of selected GO
animprogress: Sets anim progress
export: Exports the current GO selected
statelink: .statelink sqlentry, Links a GO state to a Npc

Information Commands [p]
gm: Shows active GM's
gps: Shows Position
info: Server info
uptime: Shows server uptime

Teleport (Recall)Commands [q]
recall: Main teleportation command table. Usage: .recall <subcommand> <args>
list: List recall locations
port: Port to recalled location
add: Add recall location
del: Remove a recall location
portplayer: recall ports player

Life and Death Commands [r]
kill: .kill - Kills selected unit.
revive: Revives you.: 0, 0, 0},
reviveplr: Revives player specified.

Save Commands [s]
save: Save's your character
saveall: Save's all playing characters

GM Tag Commands [t]
gmoff: Sets GM tag off
gmon: Sets GM tag on

Universal Commands [u]
Commands: Shows Commands
help: Shows help for command
announce: Sends Msg To All
wannounce: Sends Widescreen Msg To All

Extended Teleport Commands [v]
appear: Teleports to x's position.
summon: Summons x to your position
worldport: No description entered.

Waypoint Commands [w]
waypoint: waypointCommandTable
add: Add wp at current pos
show: Show wp's for creature
hide: Hide wp's for creature
delete: Delete selected wp
movehere: Move to this wp
flags: Wp flags
waittime: Wait time at this wp
emote: Emote at this wp
skin: Skin at this wp
change: Change at this wp
info: Show info for wp
movetype: Movement type at wp
generateNo description entered.Randomly generate wps
save: Save all waypoints
deleteall: Delete all waypoints

Admin Commands [z]
security: No description entered.
servershutdown: Initiates server shutdown in <x> seconds.
serverrestart: Initiates server restart in <x> seconds.
castall: Makes all players online cast spell <x
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All MaNGOS Gm Command List
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