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 [Tutorial] GM Command List

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PostSubject: [Tutorial] GM Command List   Tue Jan 19, 2010 10:58 pm

Here some simple Gm Commands

  1. .kill - It kills your opponent
  2. .mod scale - The desired size
  3. .mod gold - The desired gold
  4. .mod posses - Take over someones character/npc
  5. .mod speed - The desired movement speed you want
  6. .mod unposses - Turn off the control over the character/npc
  7. .cheat god - You Cant die" Your a god"
  8. .cheat fly - Makes you fly
  9. .fly off - turns of your fly mode
  10. .charadditem - The desired item you want
  11. .charaddset - The desired set you want for your character
  12. .Npc spawn - Spawn a npc/creature
  13. .Npc delete - Deletes a npc/creature from the game
  14. .go spawn - Spawn a object in the game but after restart it will be gone
  15. .go spawn 1 -If you put a 1 after the object id the object will remain all the time
  16. .go select - makes you select a object "You need to do this before deleting a object"
  17. .go delete - Delete a object from the game
  18. .gm on - You put gm on, that means you get a GM after your name
  19. .gm off - It turns off your GM after your name
  20. .guild disband - Disbands a guild
  21. .guild create - creates a guild
Remember to put a . after each gm command then the commands will work
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PostSubject: Re: [Tutorial] GM Command List   Wed Jan 20, 2010 7:17 pm

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[Tutorial] GM Command List
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